Tips To Keep Pests Out During a Move

Tips To Keep Pests Out During a Move

Moving into a new place can come with its own set of rewards and challenges. As you prepare for your big move, you’ve likely already seen all of the tips online for how to pack, what to do the day of a move even checked the list of items you can and can’t put on a moving truck. But one thing many people fail to consider as they plan for a big move are bugs, insects, and other critters.

While most of these little creatures are a natural part of our environment, the last thing you want to do after a long day moving and getting settled into your new place is to figure out how to get the ants or other pests out of your home.

Here are some tips for things you can do to keep pests out during your move.

Prepare Before You Move In

Like you’re not already preparing so many things, but if critters are an issue you want to add this to your list of to-do’s as well. Think about the new place and if there are any potential access points that should be closed off prior to you getting there. This can be beneficial for keeping out mice, bats, and other wildlife you don’t want inhabiting your new digs with you. Install screens, vents, and paint exposed wood to help keep these critters away.

Keep the Doors Closed

On moving day, there is a lot going on and lots of coming inside and outside as you bring in your things. It’s important in this process to keep the door closed as much as possible. Since leaving your door open is a welcome invite for the critters you can take a strong defense to keep them out by remembering to shut the door behind people.

Careful Where You Stack Boxes


There is nothing critters love more than finding a safe hiding spot. If you pile all your moving boxes up in a corner somewhere to unpack later, that becomes the perfect spot for them. Spiders, mice, and animals can easily make nests in these and other hidden areas so it’s important to pay attention and be aware at all times.

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