Tips to Help You Avoid Problems When Moving Your Office

Tips to Help You Avoid Problems When Moving Your Office

Relocating your office to a different location can be an incredibly complex and time-consuming process. You will have to pack up computers, files, furniture, and office equipment, then transport it all to your new site and get everything set up. You may have a short window of time to complete the process in order to minimize disruption of business operations. Working with a professional moving company can make relocation easier.

Have Your Employees Clean up Their Work Areas and Pack Things That Need to Be Moved

People tend to accumulate significant amounts of clutter, both at home and at work. Before anyone begins packing, instruct your employees to go through their desks and get rid of anything that doesn’t need to be moved to the new location. Throwing away trash and shredding documents that are no longer needed can keep the overall cost of the move down since moving companies charge by weight. It will also simplify the process of getting things set up in your new office space.

Carefully Pack up Electronic Equipment

Computers, servers, printers, and other types of electronics must be transported with care. You need to make sure that valuable equipment doesn’t get damaged and that everything winds up where it should be.

Create a system that clearly indicates which computer is assigned to each employee so it can be put on the appropriate desk in the new office space. If your business operates on an internal computer network, have an IT professional label and pack up equipment so it will be easy to get things set up at the new location.

Label Everything

Your business may have dozens, or even hundreds, of boxes on the moving truck, as well as desks, tables, chairs, and other furniture. Getting everything sorted out can be confusing if items aren’t clearly labeled.

You may want to label boxes with the names of departments and specific individuals, or you may decide to use colors, letters, or numbers. Create an inventory list so you know how many boxes you have and what is in them. That will help you figure out if a box is missing and what’s inside it.

Get a Quote for Professional Moving Services

Affordable Florida Movers has helped businesses of all sizes relocate and minimized the stress to managers and employees. We can make sure that your furniture, equipment, files, and other items are packed carefully so they don’t get damaged in transit. Contact us today to get an estimate for commercial moving services.

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