Home Gym – How to Pack Your Weights for a Move

Home Gym – How to Pack Your Weights for a Move

Moving a home gym is a giant task. Depending on how much equipment you’ve accumulated over the years – there can be a lot involved. It’s important to get professional help for these often super heavy and oversized items and to ensure the machines are not damaged in transport.

After you’ve taken the time to tidy up and clean/disinfect your gym equipment you should work your way around the room and pack those smaller items that can be put in boxes.

Label your box for easy locating later and be sure to wrap items like roll and clank in soft material. Things like workout gloves, jump ropes, boxing gloves, and yoga mats can be neatly folded, boxed, and arranged for transport.

You should label any boxes that are super heavy (like those containing your weights and dumbbells) as such so anyone moving it will know when they go to grab it and can lift accordingly.

Once the room is pretty cleared out you’ll need to decide if you’re taking your workout flooring and disassembling and packing it next. Make a pile on one side of the room and leave the mats under the heavy machines until after they’ve been moved.

Unplug all machines from electric sources and wrap/tape any delicate parts and pieces that you don’t want to be damaged while moving.

Once you’re ready to have the large items moved out, call on a professional mover for assistance. Be sure to give them a heads-up that they will be moving gym requirements so they can come prepared and with enough staff to easily move the items out for you.

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