First Day in Your New Home Checklist

First Day in Your New Home Checklist

Your first day in your new home is exciting. The culmination of all your hard work to fulfill this goal and begin a new chapter in life as a homeowner has arrived! Before you fire up the barbecue and start inviting people over for a housewarming, there are some things you should do – as soon as you get the keys to ensuring you’ll have a successful start to this leg of your journey.

Here are the top 10 things to do on your first day in a new house.

1.      Do another Walkthrough

While you hopefully have already done quite a few walkthroughs of the property during the buying phase, you should do another as soon as you get the keys. You want to ensure there is nothing new or forgotten and start to learn the layout and functions of the house. Things like where the light switches are or that the fixtures and outlets all work as they should.

2. Utility Check

If you’re planning to move in right away you’ve likely already alerted the utilizes to have you up and running, be sure on your first day that everything like electric, gas, water, heating, cooling, phone and cable, and internet are all working as they should be.

3.      Add Pet and Child Safety

Bringing pets or children? It makes sense at this point that they’ll be inhabiting the space to add necessary childproofing and pet safety elements. Any fences, cabinet locks or dangerous cleaning supplies, and other materials should be removed from their reach.

4.      Change Your Locks

Whenever you move into a new home, it’s important to change all of the locks for your own peace of mind and security. Since there is no way of knowing that no one else has a copy of the key, it’s best that you call a trusted locksmith to come and either rekey the locks or change them out completely.

5.      Find Important Things like Fuse Box and Water Valve

In an emergency when you need to shut off the water or check on electricity, it’s important to know where these important elements for the home are located. Make a note on the first day so you’re not left wondering in case of an emergency.

6.      Check Smoke Detectors

There’s nothing more dangerous in a home than smoke detectors that don’t work. In case of an emergency, these devices can save your life. You should go around the home and test all smoke detectors to ensure they are installed up to code and that they work. For peace of mind, you should change all of the batteries and then monitor them every few months to ensure they are still functioning as they should.

7.      Make a List of Needed Repairs/Upgrades

The first day you move in – before all of your boxes, furniture, and stuff are unpacked, you should go around and think of all the needed repairs and upgrades you want done and to prioritize a list that makes sense. Based on your available budget and what’s most important you can decide what to unpack in each room or if you should wait until the room is officially ready.

8.      Clean and Sanitize

You can never be too safe when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing your home. To be sure you have a clean slate to work off of and that everyone in the home is safe from old germs or bacteria, you should plan on doing a big deep clean on your first day. Scrubbing toilet bowls, disinfecting floors and other high-touch areas, and vacuuming up old dust and debris should top this list of tasks.

9.      Unpack Strategically

If the moving company has already brought all of your boxes and things inside then it’s time to start unpacking. But be careful to just not to empty the contents of every box right there in the middle of the open space. To make unpacking a smoother transition, figure out what goes where and put the boxes labeled for specific rooms in their correct place. Then start with unpacking essential boxes first. Things like kitchen utensils and pots and bathroom accessories.

10. Say Hi to the Neighbors

If you have not yet met your neighbors, the first day at your home is a great time to go over and say hello. Having someone close by who you are friendly with can help out in the future and just makes coming home to your new home that much more enjoyable every day.

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