Cross-Country Moving on a Budget

Cross-Country Moving on a Budget

It should be no surprise today that the costs of moving are high and going up. has estimated that the average cost of a local move is $1,250 today. When it comes to a long-distance move (which is considered a move of a thousand miles), the average cost jumps to $4,890 for a move involving a two- to a three-bedroom house. In some parts of the country, the cost is much higher. So how can you plan a long-distance move without breaking the bank? 

Minimizing the Costs of a Cross-Country Move

There are a few ways you can keep the costs of a cross-country move under better control. Some homeowners or renters will rent a moving container into which they can pack their own furniture and possessions. Others hire the moving trucks themselves and contact labor-only movers to do the heavy work. (Of course, this means driving the truck to your new location yourself, which can be an unnerving prospect on busy highways or narrow country roads.)

In the end, the most economical way to move your home across the country will depend on your individual needs and your budget. It’s important to remember that the lowest-cost way to move will not always be the easiest or the most convenient. Some tips for a lower-cost cross-country move include the following: 

Choose a hybrid move. While you may be capable of packing, lifting, and moving some of your possessions on your own, chances are good that you’ll find it hard to cope with large items like appliances, beds, and other furniture. Look for a moving company that can help you with the large items and leaves you to manage the smaller items on your own. 

Rent a moving container. Portable moving containers are a good way to embark on a hybrid move that saves you money. You can rent the container for delivery to your driveway and pack it at your leisure. This will save you money on a full professional move, and an extra bonus is that the container can double as storage for a time in your new home location, allowing you to unpack at leisure.

Pick a less popular date to move. The moving calendar is a bit like the wedding calendar. If you’re happy to go with a less popular date, you may be able to get cheaper rates. In general, it’s cheaper to move on weekdays, before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, and during the second and third weeks of the month. 

Collect free moving supplies. The costs of boxes and packing material is not inconsiderable, so if you have enough time to pre-plan, collect used boxes and packing materials from friends and neighbors and build up your supply. 

Choose your movers carefully. When planning a cross-country move on a budget, it’s important to shop around among companies to find the best quote for the services you need. A professional moving company will help you with planning, packing, and relocating while staying within your budget.  


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