5 Things You Should Never Move Yourself

5 Things You Should Never Move Yourself

Hiring a moving company can be costly, and you might think that you’d be better off getting some family members or friends to help so you can save money. That can work in many cases, but there are some possessions that you shouldn’t try to move.


A piano is large, heavy, and expensive. Even if you get several people to help you, it can be difficult to maneuver a piano up or down stairs, down a hallway, and through a door. Someone can wind up with a serious injury, and the piano, as well as your new house, can get damaged. 

Pool Table

A pool table can be much harder to move than you might expect. People are often surprised by how heavy a pool table is and by how difficult it can be to move it around corners and through doorways. If the felt on top of a pool table gets damaged, replacing it can be costly.


If you have valuable paintings or other forms of art, your best bet is to hire movers who will know how to pack them properly and protect them from damage. When it comes to heavy or oddly shaped items, such as sculptures, you should leave the job to professional movers. They’ll be able to figure out the best way to cover your art, load it into the moving truck, and get it safely into your new house.


Household appliances, such as a washer, dryer, and dishwasher, are heavy and bulky. That can make it tricky to get an appliance to your new house. Appliances also have sensitive internal parts that can be damaged during the moving process. If an appliance isn’t secured properly and parts move around in transit, the machine might not work when it reaches your destination. 

Exercise Equipment

Machines such as a treadmill, ellipticals, and stationary bikes are heavy. Their unusual shapes can make them particularly difficult to move since the weight is not evenly distributed. There’s a good chance that someone could get injured or your home or equipment could get damaged during the move.

Get Help with Your Move in Florida

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