3 Tips for Making Your Home Squeaky Clean Before Moving In

3 Tips for Making Your Home Squeaky Clean Before Moving In

Moving into a new place is a fun and exciting time. If you’re ready to make all new memories at your new home or apartment then it’s best to start fresh. While the place is still empty and before you even unpack all your things, here are some tips for getting the place squeaky clean, refreshed, and looking new.

Inspect Everything

Before you even roll up your sleeves and get to work, it is critical that you take the time to thoroughly inspect the home. Go from wall to wall, corner to corner, and look for things like evidence of pests, mold, holes, and other issues that will need to be repaired or replaced prior to cleaning.

Clean Everywhere

Doing the actual cleaning doesn’t have to be boring or difficult. If you set a goal and work toward every area you need to clean and sanitize it can go by pretty quickly and you may even find it satisfying to look over the before and after. If you’re unsure about how to clean a certain surface or appliance, there are a plethora of online tutorials to help you choose the right cleaning products and techniques to clean, sanitize and restore everything from rusted metals to soap scum tiles, baseboard scuffs, and more!

Paint & Decorate

Once you’re sure you’ve successfully cleaned every area of the home, it’s time to get to the fun part: painting and decorating. Nothing makes a place feel fresh and new like a fresh coat of paint. Choose options that will work well with your décor and the overall energy you’d like for your home. Dark moody colors can certainly be beautiful but light and bright is always a great way to keep the rooms looking big and open. Do your research and choose high-quality paint and follow professional instructions for application and drying time.

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